Asociación Guías Scouts del Paraguay

Comisionada Internacional
Teniente 1 Venancio Ross 946
c/ Paso de la Patria
Barrio Hipódromo
Asunción, Paraguay

Email: | Tel: +595 21503385

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On my honour and with the grace of God I promise to do everything possible: To fulfil my duties to God, my country and humanity, To serve other people in all circumstances, and To comply with the Girl Scout Laws.

Paraguay Girl Scout Promise

Guide Law

  1. A Girl Scout is to be trusted
  2. A Girl Scout is loyal
  3. A Girl Scout is useful and helps others
  4. A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to all other Guides
  5. A Girl Scout is courteous
  6. A Girl Scout admires and respects nature, for she sees in it the work of God
  7. A Girl Scout accepts advice and suggestions
  8. A Girl Scout smiles and sings under all difficulties
  9. A Girl Scout is thrifty
  10. A Girl Scout keeps herself pure in thoughts, words and deeds

I promise to do everything possible: To fulfil my duties to God and my country, To help others always, especially those at home, and To comply with the Law of the Pack.

Little Wing Promise

Little Wing Law

  1. A Little Wing obeys her elders
  2. A Little Wing does a daily good turn

Development of the Movement

The first group of Girl Scouts in Paraguay, formed in 1923, was known as the Girl Scouts Brigade. The Association continued to develop until it was abolished in 1938.

Girl Scouting was reintroduced to Paraguay in 1959 when two separate initiatives were taken to establish activities. A group of Girl Scouts was started at the Escuela Normal Rural of San Lorenzo, and, at the same time, a training course for leaders was organized and participants later opened three Girl Scout companies.

After a visit to Paraguay by the Travelling Commissioner for the Western Hemisphere, a committee was set up, and in 1960 the Asociación de Niñas Guías Paraguayas was established.

In 1962 the Association, renamed the Asociación Guías Scouts del Paraguay, received official recognition from the Government.

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