Asociación de Muchachas Guías de El Salvador

Comisionada Internacional
Avenida Maracaibo 621
Colonia Miramonte
San Salvador

Tel: + 503 2260 1292

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I promise on my honour to do my best: To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people in all circumstances, To obey the Guide Law.

El Salvador Guide Promise

Guide Law

  1. A Girl Guide is a person whose honour is to be trusted
  2. A Girl Guide is loyal
  3. A Girl Guide should be useful and help other people
  4. A Girl Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide
  5. A Girl Guide is polite and courteous
  6. A Girl Guide admires God in Nature
  7. A Girl Guide accepts and complies with orders
  8. A Girl Guide faces all difficulties with courage
  9. A Girl Guide is thrifty
  10. A Girl Guide is pure in thought, word and deed

I promise to do everything possible to do my duty to God and my country, to help others every day, especially those at home.

Little Wing Promise

Little Wing Law

  1. A Little Wing gives in to the wishes of her elders.
  2. A Little Wing never gives in to herself.

Development of the Movement

Guiding began in El Salvador when a small group of Guides was established at the Bethany Institute of Santa Tecla. The Asociación de Muchachas Guías de El Salvador was founded in 1944 and was officially recognized in 1949.

After a period of decline, a fresh impetus was given to the Association in 1955 when WAGGGS’ travelling commissioner for the Western Hemisphere formed an executive committee, and the Guide programme became more educational and geared towards the interests of the girl.

El Salvador has participated in all Central American Guide Leaders‘ Gatherings since Guiding began, and it has been the venue of two of them.

In recognition of the Association’s work with young people, the Ministry of Education has, since 1997, been formally awarding technical and financial support for the Association’s work in education centres in the training of Girl Guide/Girl Scout Leaders.

This year a public relations campaign was carried out in five areas (San Salvador, Santa Ana, La Paz, Chalatenango and La Libertad). As a result, the first school camp was held with the participation of 350 girls of school age.

In 1998 Guiding continued to expand with the aim of strengthening existing groups in schools. Ethical, civil and democratic values are now included in the training, and in the school camp programme.

The Association is planning to expand into seven more areas of the country and aims to cover the first three levels of primary education. It is hoped to offer training to teachers, young adults and to children in various educational centres. Leadership skills and self-esteem will be taught in order to offer a cycle of training for leaders. So far, training has been provided to 1,800 people, including teachers, adults and children, and 260 have already made their Promise.

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