National Union of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of Armenia

5 Nansen Str, ap 35,
Nor Nork 1st district,
Yerevan, Armenia, 0056

Tel: +37493414336 (Liana)
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Promise Patvis vra erdvum em linel havatarim astcun, carayel azgis ev hayrenikis, misht ognel urishin, linel partakanutyans gitakits ari vehandzn mard, Hnazandvel aghchik gayderi davanankin

Armenian Guide Promise: I swear on my honour to be faithful to God and to serve my nation, my motherland, always help others and act as a responsible, courageous and generous person, to keep the law of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Armenia Guide Law

  1. Gaydi khoska nvirakan e
  2. Gayda hnazand e
  3. Gayda havatarim e ev ughamit
  4. Gayda misht ognum e urishnerin
  5. Gayda kuyr e bolor gayderin
  6. Gayda barekirt e
  7. Gayda sirum e ev pashtpanum e kendaninerin ev buyserin
  8. Gayda zvart e ev khandavar:
  9. Gayda ashkhataser e ev korovi
  10. Gayda tntesogh e
  11. Gayda makur e khoskov, gortsov ev mtkov

Development of the Movement

Scouting in Armenia has an old history. The first Armenian Scouting groups were organised in 1910 in Van Orphan's houses and continued until 1922 when Scouting was officially banned and the ‘Young Pioneers’ became the official state youth organisation. Scouting was reintroduced in 1988. There soon appeared a need for creating a separate movement for girls and NAGGGS "Astgik" was established in 1996.

There are regular meetings of the National Board and the National Conference is held annually.

During 1998-2001 many activities were held, some of which corresponded to ancient national traditions.

The first National Jamboree took place at the “Nor Berd” centre in 1998.

Armenia was made an Associate Member of WAGGGS at the 31st World Conference in Manila 2002.

The association became Full Member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts during the 35th World Conference that took place in Hong Kong in July 2014

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