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ATHENS, Greece

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I Iposhesi ton Odigon Iposhome na prospathisso me pisti ston Theo na agapo tin Patrida mou, ke na iperaspizome tin irini ke tin eleftheria, na voitho pantou ke pantote ke na kano tropo zois mou tis axies tou Odigismou

Greek Guide Promise: I promise that with faith in God I will do my best: To love my country, and promote the cause of peace and freedom, To help others in all circumstances, To make Guiding values my way of life.

Greek Guide Law

O nomos ton Odigon

Oi Odigoi:

  1. Ine ilikrinis ke dikei
  2. Sevonte ta dikeomata ton allon ke tiroun tous nomous
  3. Ine dimiourgiki, prothymi ke symmetehoun sto kinoniko synolo
  4. Anakalyptoun ke kalliergoun tis dynatotites tous
  5. Ine kali phili, proshari ke evgeniki me olous
  6. Agapoun ke prostatevoun tin physi ke to perivalon
  7. Ine ergatiki, synepis ke ypefthini
  8. Echoun tharos ke psychramia
  9. Agapoun ke frontizon tin ikogenia tous
  10. Eine axioprepis ke elenchoun tis skepsis, ta logia ke tis praxis tous

Girl Guide Law

The Guides:

  1. Are honest and just
  2. Respect other people’s rights and obey the law
  3. Are creative, willing and participate in the life of the community
  4. Discover and cultivate their talents
  5. Are good friends, cheerful and polite to everyone
  6. Love and protect nature and the environment
  7. Are hard working, reliable and responsible.
  8. Are courageous, self-controlled and optimistic
  9. Love and care for their families
  10. Are dignified and control their thoughts, words and deeds.

Development of the Movement

Guiding was established in Greece in 1932 and was revived in 1945 after a period of inactivity during the Second World War. The Movement has since spread throughout the country and Soma Hellinidon Odigon (the Greek Girl Guides Association) is now the largest youth organization in Greece.

A world in a suitcase

Current Projects

For the time being, the Greek Guiding Association is running the action 'A World in a Suitcase' based on the educational program "Refugee flows, human rights and interculturalism", a program that for the first time is being applied in Greek schools, approved by the Greek Ministry of Education and under the auspices of UNHCR. The action’s goal is helping the Greek students, through experiential activities, understand the refugee crisis and develop their compassion regarding the refugees who are fleeing their countries. A main goal is also to bring the students closer to the human rights' values and teach them the way they can promote these values.

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