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On my honour, with God’s help, I promise: 1 To do my best to serve God, the church and my country, 2 To help other people at all times, 3 To obey the Guide Law.

Benin Promise

Benin Law

  1. A Guide is loyal.
  2. A Guide thinks of others first.
  3. A Guide is generous, she is ready to serve.
  4. A Guide is friendly, she has team spirit.
  5. A Guide is a sister to every other Guide and is present for all.
  6. A Guide discovers Nature where she sees the work of God.
  7. A Guide knows how to obey.
  8. A Guide is hard working and never does anything by halves.
  9. A Guide likes her work and respects the work of others.
  10. A Guide is in control, she is pure and happy

Development of the Movement

Girl Guiding in Benin, formerly Dahomey, began in 1954 in a girls’ secondary school at Porto Novo. Two years later a Guide camp was held, and in 1956 the 1st Cotonou Guide Company was officially registered. During the following year several other companies were formed, and by 1957 Brownie packs and Ranger units had also been introduced. The Association was officially established by the end of 1960. About the same time, Guide companies began to adopt villages where they carried out service projects with the community. Guiding has now developed in both urban and rural areas.

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