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On my honour and with God’s help, I commit myself to do my best to serve God, the Church and my country; to help my neighbour in all circumstances and to observe the Guide Law.

Burkina Faso Guide Promise

Burkina Faso Guide Law

  1. A Girl Guide believes in God and her faith guides her life.
  2. A Girl Guide is helpful and obedient.
  3. A Girl Guide is a sister to every other Guide and open to all.
  4. A Girl Guide is respectful and friendly.
  5. A Girl Guide respects and improves nature.
  6. A Girl Guide is not afraid of hard work and never does anything half-heartedly.
  7. A Girl Guide keeps calm and smiles even when in difficulties.
  8. A Girl Guide is thrifty and has a sense of the common good.
  9. A Girl Guide respects herself, and is pure in thought, word and deed.

Development of the Movement

Guiding in Burkina Faso, formerly known as Upper Volta, began in 1955, but for almost 15 years it was confined to towns, where it existed mostly in schools. In 1971 Guiding started to become established in rural areas, and the Association, l’Association des Guides de Haute-Volta, was organized into provinces, districts and companies. In 1984 the Association changed its name to the Association des Guides du Burkina Faso.

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