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11 أبريل 2019
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Erasmus+ grant application related to our European Jamboree 2020

Deadline: 23 April, 2019

The European Jamboree 2020 (EJ2020), is taking place in Poland from the 27 of July to the 6 of August. Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, WAGGGS and WOSM are working hard together to deliver a relevant and exciting international event to young people from all over Europe.

In order to contribute to the success of the event and at the same time seize the opportunity to provide a meaningful learning experience to young adult leaders, WAGGGS is planning several activities. Please find a detailed description of the activities in the annex .

To increase the financial capacity of the Europe Region WAGGGS (ERW) to deliver these activities we are applying for an Erasmus + (E+) grant.

By becoming a partner MO of the project, you commit to send participants to following two activities:

  • Facilitator training for EJ2020, 5 days (activity 2)
  • European Jamboree 2020 (activity 4) form the 27 of July to the 6 of August

Moreover, if you have participants going to JLS in a European hub (activity 1) you might benefit from a grant if you are partner of this project.

Please note that in this message we use participant and facilitator as synonymous. Thus, for the EJ2020 when we say participant we do not mean EJ2020 participants, but WAGGGS facilitators in this specific event.

What do you gain by being a partner in this project?

  • The opportunity for your members to take part in an amazing learning experience
  • Contribute to deliver a high quality programme to young people from all over Europe
  • The opportunity for your MO to build capacity in the area of programme and educational methods, communication and external relations

What does your organisation commits to by becoming a partner in this funding application? Identify, suggest and support members with the below profile:

  • European JLS participants attending a European hub
  • Participants with experience in external relations
  • Participants with knowledge and experience in communication (writing in EN or FR, social media, photographer, video making, overall communication strategist)
  • Facilitators of past editions of Roverway
  • Leaders of young people age 14-18

Age: 14-18y/o is the eligible age to be a participant at the European Jamboree

Financial support for selected participants

Europe Region WAGGGS is committed to support financially as much as possible the participation of young leaders.

  • Participants coming from a partner country will contribute to their travel, lodging, subsistence and programme cost for the training event and the European Jamboree with a sum of 75 €
  • Participants coming from an eligible country, but that will not be part of this project will be welcome – but they might have to cover the most of the expenses

How to benefit from this grant opportunity?

  1. Fill in this participation form, where we ask information needed to write the grant application by the 23 April, 2019.
  2. Get the Mandate signed by your Legal Representative For each of the applications, you can find attached to this message the specific Mandate template. Please fill in all the parts in yellow. The legal representative should sign it. Then send us back a scanned copy by email to

For any further questions related to this call for partners and the activities, please contact Eirini at

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