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Across the world, young people face pressures that stop them reaching their full potential. Everyday life bombards them with the ‘Image Myth’ – the idea that they must look a certain way to be beautiful.

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Take part in the Action on Body Confidence programme

Action on Body Confidence is a co-educational programme for young people aged 7 - 25 which supports young people to plan and run their own body confidence advocacy projects. Through exciting and engaging age-appropriate activities, they identify the biggest body confidence issues in their community, and work together to plan a project that doesn’t only raise awareness, but is true advocacy, asking decision makers for change.

Earn your Action on Body Confidence badge:

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“…find your voice and build a movement..”

Yolanda, Mexico

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Get your Body Confidence badge

Add this exciting new badge to your collection!

Join the conversation

As part of your badge, tell the world about your group’s Action Project. Your story will help inspire and challenge others.

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Member Organisation financial support

Our Free Being Me fund can also be used to help Member Organisations with roll out costs for Action on Body Confidence.

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Training resources for Member Organisations

To help Member Organisations train their leaders in Action on Body Confidence we have put together some training session packs. There is also an online training course for leaders on our e-learning platform GLOW.

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