World Centres International Adventure Activity Pack

The WAGGGS World Centres International Adventure Activity Pack contains a set of activities designed for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts aged 14+ to work through on their own or with their unit/troop remotely. Activities help participants learn about the World Centres and prepare for an international Guiding/Scouting experience.

Currently the Activity Pack is available in English, French and Spanish. For the English version click on "Download". For Spanish and French version click on the small arrow followed by the word "Download" and select "Spanish" or "French".

Arabic versions will be available shortly, please check back for this.

  • تاريخ النشر: 21st مايو 2020
  • إعداد: WAGGGS World Centres
  • Length: 55 pages
  • نوع الموارد: حزم الأنشطة
  • موضوع الموارد: برامج الشباب
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