Europe Region Sustainable Development Framework

In the Europe Region, our volunteers in the Sustainability Working Group have been working hard over the last few months to develop a sustainability framework for us.

At WAGGGS Europe, we want to be sustainable - to maximise the positive impact while minimising the negative impact we have on our world, whether it is social, economic or environmental. In practice, sustainability is concerned with the way people work and make decisions.

We have developed this framework to be used externally with partners, as well as internally for all our activities. This document explains what sustainability is and why it is important to us, defines our scope in this area and guides our actions.

  • تاريخ النشر: 4th يونيو 2021
  • إعداد: WAGGGS Europe
  • Length: 5 pages
  • نوع الموارد: المناصرة
  • موضوع الموارد: الأهداف الإنمائية العالمية
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