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23 أبريل 2019
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This is an invitation to share how you apply the Girl Guide and Girl Scout (GGGS) educational method in your offer for your oldest girls’ branch. We usually refer to them as Rovers and Rangers, or in some countries Senior branch.

Roverway 2019

This is now closed - thank you so much for your feedback!

We designed this research to capture the diversity of educational offer for girls that are close to adulthood, whatever this means in your context. In some countries, this means a branch for girls from 15 to 25, in others from 16 to 19. Each organisation has different age groups, and we want to know more about how you work with your oldest one, and what you offer to them. Please click here to fill the form.

To fill in the form will take 10 minutes and we will share the findings with other member organisations in the context of a wider research, so that we can grow and thrive together, offering the best programme to girls and young women!

For more information, please contact Sarah Ledjou at

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