Frequently asked questions on everything Pax Lodge.

General Enquiries:

  1. What are the opening times? Can I arrive later in the evening?” Our opening times are 8AM - 8PM 24/7. Outside these hours, self-check-in instructions will be given a day or two before your arrival date.
  2. “What are the shop opening times?” Our shop is open from 8AM to 8PM Monday to Sunday.
  3. “How do we get to Pax Lodge from (King’s Cross, Heathrow, etc.)?” Please follow this link to download our getting to Pax Lodge guide.
  4. Parking: “Can guests and conference users use the parking? Can external people use it?” Guests, visitors and conference guests can use the parking for free, but subject to availability. Pax Lodge cannot guarantee that every Guests will have a space as they are allocated on a first come first served basis. External guests (i.e. neighbours) can use the parking, after receiving a permit from reception, for a maximum of a day and for a £5 donation. Cars parked without permits will be issued fines. 
  5. “Does my booking include breakfast?” Your booking confirmation should confirm this. If you booked through breakfast is an additional cost that you need to select. If in doubt please call or drop us an email on +44 (0) 207 435 2202 or  . 
  6. “I can no longer stay at Pax Lodge, and my reservation has already been fully paid. What is the cancellation policy?” Please see our terms and conditions here.

Conference-related Enquiries:

  1. “What is the cost for hiring the conference space for birthday parties or professional events?" Please follow this link to our conferences page for more information. 
  2. “Can we book specific time slots for birthday parties?” No, there are only morning slots (9am to 1pm) and an afternoon slot (3-7pm)
  3. “Can we bring our own food?” Yes, you can, but it needs to be already pre-cooked, as the use of our kitchen will not be allowed.
  4. “Can we come earlier for the setting-up of the birthday party?” Your slot is booked for four hours, in which you need to allow the first 45 minutes for set up and the last 45 minutes to an hour for collecting your belongings.

Accommodation related enquiries:

  1. “Do you have facilities such as kitchen or laundry services?” We do not offer these services for guests. There are two launderettes 10 mins walk from Pax Lodge, and Pax lodge does offer use of the Dining Room which includes a small guest fridge, toaster, Urn and filtered cold water supply.
  2. “Can we cancel one member of our group and get refund?” Please refer to our Group Terms & Conditions here.  
  3. “Do you have hairdryers?” There are cupboards located at the far ends of the corridor on the first and second floors where you can find these items.
  4. “Can we make a provisional group booking?” Yes, we will provisionally book your group into the system where we have availability. You have 28 days after booking to pay the deposit in order to secure it. Otherwise we reserve our right to cancel your booking without notice. Our Group Terms and conditions can be found here. 
  5. “Can the group stay on the same floor?” We do try to keep the whole group together, Leaders will have access to the room list in advance to plan and spread leaders over the two floors. The rooms cannot be changed at check-in or after arrival. 
  6. "Are there tea and coffee making facilities?" The dining room is open 24 hours and has tea and coffee making facilities. There is an honesty box for payment.

Girlguiding related Enquiries:

  1. “How do I register my daughter as a Rainbow/Brownie/Guide/Ranger?" Whether your daughter wants to join Rainbows (5-7), Brownies (7-10), Guides (10-14) or Rangers (14-18), start her Girlguiding journey by registering her interest and finding out about units in your area. Adventure, fun and friendship starts here.
  2. “Can you send us a copy of your risk assessment?” Please contact the Programme Team for all Risk Assessment related questions.
  3. “What activities can we do at Pax Lodge during our stay?” Flag Ceremony, Pinning Ceremony, Pax Lodge Challenge, Challenges Around London, Evening Programme, International Adventure Days. There are many options for your stay at Pax Lodge. Please contact the Programme Team for more information and to book.
  4. “Can we join another group for an Evening Program?” This depends on the size and ages of the groups.
  5. “Can an adult leader stay in the same room with juniors under 18?” Leaders and Young People are allocated separate rooms.
  6. “Do we have to share room with strangers?” Your group will not be sharing rooms with strangers.

Day visit enquiries: 

  1. “We are visiting Pax Lodge, do we have to book in advance?” Big Groups of 5 or more should send an email through to . Pax Lodge provides activities, such as self-guided tour, challenges which take groups through London or explore the local area or building. Our Opening times are 8AM to 8PM, opening times of our shop are 8AM to 8PM and Pinning cermony or Flag Ceromony is usually held promptly at 9AM.

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