To make a reservation, complete and return to us the booking forms and ensure you read the full details of how to reserve your space!

If you want to make a booking you can do it in two ways:

1.- Go to the following linkand use our online booking system

2.- Do it manual following the next procedure:

Manual Booking

Fist Contact

  1. Contact us via email and send the following information.
  • If you are attending an event: Name and date of the event you’d like to attend.
  • If you come as an Independent Guest, then send the dates you’d like to stay with us.

  1. You will receive information from our Event Administrator with a tentative booking for your group
  2. Download, complete and return to us a booking request form.
  3. Make the payment corresponding to your booking request, send a copy of the deposit and wait for our confirmation. Please read our Terms and Conditions and the Travel Guide that will be sent to you. Payment Quota for registry is not refundable or creditable.

Second Contact

  1. Six months before the event starts, please confirm the number of people that will be visiting Our Cabaña. If there’s any change please notify our Event Coordinator using the Number Change Form, she will contact you to send the balance with the quantity of money you’ll need to deposit.
  2. Make the deposit. Corresponding to your registry. Please include you the booking code you received in step 4.
  3. Send a copy of the deposit and wait for the confirmation from Our Cabaña.

Third Contact

  1. 4 months before your stay we’ll be sending you the following information:
  • Programme Information
    International Festival, Invitation to the Mexican Party, Wish list, and Optional activity list.
  • General Information and Forms
    You will receive a letter with general information about Mexico and Our Cabaña. It will include tips on how to best prepare for your trip and some forms (Healthy Form ) that will have to be filled by your group members, for example and then sent to Our Cabaña in a specified time.

Fourth Contact

  1. Just before your event we will be sending you the following information:
  • Travel Arrangements
    As an option we offer you transportation from Mexico’s city´s airport to Our Cabaña with an extra cost.

Remember you can contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.


If, for any reason, your group must cancel its trip to Mexico and Our Cabaña, then please complete and send our Cancellation Form. Regulations will be applied as stipulated in our Booking Terms and Conditions Policy.

Booking forms:

Booking request form

Participants' details form

Payment notification form

Health Form

Booking enquiries

For general enquiries about how to book your stay at Our Cabaña, contact us! |
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