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Live your dream - Volunteer at Our Chalet!

As an Our Chalet assistant, you will help in running the daily life at the World Centre. International friends, Guiding and Scouting fun, outdoor challenge, new skills and the experience of a lifetime are guaranteed! 

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The benefits of volunteering at Our Chalet

  • Free full board and lodging in staff accommodation
  • Learning about different cultures, customs and countries
  • Learning new life skills such as work ethics, running outdoor activities for guests, cooking, cleaning as well as learning new sports but most of all experiencing living for several months in a truly international environment infused with the spirit of Guiding and Scouting.
  • Learning new Guide and Scout games and current WAGGGS topics to share at home
  • Learning about self, about others, about the environment and needs of the society
  • Support from staff team in planning and delivering personal projects
  • Access to laundry and other facilities
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Living the dream in the Swiss Alps! 

What does a volunteer do?

On a day to day basis, guest services will take up the majority of your work time. The number of programme days you will have during your season is entirely dependent on the number of guests or events that we have during that season.

We have more information about each volunteering season if you follow the links below:

For season dates and application deadlines please check our latest information.

Applicants holding the passport from any country from the Schengen area, can volunteer for longer than 3 months and can apply for two consecutive seasons. Please indicate your wish on the application.

Applicant criteria:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Member of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) or World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM)
  • Genuinely enjoys meeting and getting to know new people,
  • Enjoys the international experience
  • Practical, open minded, hardworking and able to use common sense
  • Capable of leading groups on outdoor activities and evening programmes
  • Capable of taking responsibility in delivering jobs and tasks assigned, to the highest standard,
  • Patient, good team player and capable of working in an international team,
  • Fluent in English communication skills (English is the working language of Our Chalet). 

The application consists of two parts.

Part A is applicable to both Volunteer and Intern roles for all World Centres. 
Part B is Centre specific.

When applying you are required to fill and submit both parts. 

Documents are available here:

World Centres Volunteer and Intern Application Part A (PDF)

World Centres Volunteer and Intern Application Part A (EDITABLE DOCUMENT)

World Centres Volunteer and Intern Application Part B (PDF)

World Centres Volunteer and Intern Application Part B (EDITABLE DOCUMENT)


Please know, all volunteer offers and placements are subject to the applicant obtaining and retaining the required permission (visa or permit) to enter and work in Switzerland. Volunteers from countries of the European Union do not require a visa or permit to work as a volunteer in Our Chalet.

Are you curious what volunteers in each season are doing at Our Chalet? How does a day to day life look like?

Read their stories in the Chalet Chatter - Our Chalet Staff Blog

For enquiries and applications please contact us at volunteers@ourchalet.ch 

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