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Cultural events introduce you to India, a country of ancient customs brimming with modern interests and innovations. Try your hand at rangoli or mehendi, and enjoy Indian dance in the traditional Kathak or trendy Bollywood styles. Visit Indian marketplaces, and learn some Hindi so you can make conversation with the local people you encounter. Take in the sights, the sounds, the smells and the spicy sensations that abound in India, and enjoy a cross-cultural adventure you will never forget!



Leadership events emphasise intercultural learning and personal growth through interaction with Sangam’s Community Partner organizations and exposure to the means and methods of creating change. You can participate in a community leadership development project, in which you collaborate with one of Sangam’s Community Partners to refurbish a room, plant a garden, or run a children’s camp, and discover not only the difference you can make in the lives of others but the impact of such work on yourself. Or you can witness community leadership in action at Sangam’s partner organizations, and learn through workshops, games, and discussions to find your own voice and develop the skills you need to affect similar change in the issues you are most passionate about.



Celebratory events honour international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, and offer you the chance to enjoy historic Guiding and Scouting occasions in the unique environment of a World Centre. You will explore the history and traditions of WAGGGS and its Member Organizations, and learn about the latest projects and plans for the future - all in the company of Guides and Scouts from around the world. Seize the opportunity to nourish your Guiding and Scouting spirit in the extraordinary atmosphere of India, and the unparalleled setting of Sangam!



Wellness events honour the goddess/god within you! They are designed specifically with your health and well being in mind. Spend time exploring your physical, mental and emotional self and discover anew your point of balance during session designed to expand and enrich your life. Come to the birthplace of yoga to take time to reflect, move, learn and grow all in the supportive environment of your world home in India.


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