There are many people who live and work at Sangam! Our staff is made up of a fantastic group of international and local employees and volunteers.

Sangam Family Photo 2020 Sangam Photo!


There are four permanent WAGGGS staff positions at Sangam; World Centre Manager; Deputy World Centre Manager: Guest Services; Programme Coordinator and the Guest Services Coordinator. 

Local Staff

There are 19 local staff members: Deputy World Centre Manager: Community Relations ;Operations Coordinator; Office Assistant , Programme Assistant , House and Kitchen Assistant , Maintenance Assistant and Receptionist. We also have a dedicated team for housekeeping and cooking and maintenance. Most of the local staff members live in the neighborhood around Sangam. 

Sangam Interns

Sangam Interns work to support and take a lead in all areas of Sangam. These positions are for 5 months during Sangam’s event season (June to April). 

Sangam Volunteers

Sangam Volunteers are essential to Sangam’s success. Sangam Volunteers work for either 3 or 5 months during Sangam’s event season (June to April). They are responsible for much of the preparation for events as well as running event sessions. 

Armaity Dastur Volunteer-in-Training Programme

Volunteers in Training are development positions open to Sangam's local Guides, the Nivedita Guide Troop. Armaity Dastur, a former Sangam Committee member who passed away, left a generous donation to run the programme. Volunteers in Training help the Sangam Volunteers in running events, share Indian culture and assist in daily tasks.


Sangam runs the Community Programme offering Programme sessions of varying length from 3 to 12 weeks. We call participants in the Community Programme ‘Tare,’ which means ‘Star’ in Hindi.  Tare volunteer four days a week with a Sangam Community Partner and spend one day a week participating in Hindi lessons, debriefing the week’s activities at site, and going on field trips to local sites and other Community Partners and get Saturday and Sunday off (Mostly they use these days to explore out and about in Pune and India)

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