The Story of the Pax Lodge Song

"Each World Centre has its own song and I felt that Pax Lodge should have something new and full of life, with an easy melody and universal appeal. The words should have a spiritual dimension reflecting both the meaning of 'Pax' and the symbolism of the white dove in our logo - Peace.

I spent a great deal of time researching possible texts and music but never being satisfied that I had found the right answer. Then one afternoon, as I drove my neighbour's children home from school, I turned on the car radio and suddenly, like a flash of lightning, they were singing along with the chorus of a beautiful song. I could not believe what I was hearing: "Peace on the wings of a snow white dove". That's it, I thought, something like that. The children agreed and I told them I would have to speak to the composer. "How will you find her?", they asked. "You don't really think that she'll be in the phone book, do you?"

The song and the lyric had been written by Julie Felix for a friend who had tragically lost her young daughter and this was a song of hope and love. But there were some hurdles in front of me. Firstly, the Guider-in-Charge had to like the song as much as the children and I did; secondly, I had to find a way of speaking to Julie Felix to see if she would adapt the song for us; thirdly, the Pax Lodge Committee would have to accept this as our offical song.

The first step took five minutes to complete! The second a little longer but finally we arranged to meet during the interval of one of Julie's live performances. She was a Girl Scout herself and open to the idea but wanted to leave out the words Pax Lodge which she said: "Do not lend themselves to poetic writing and are definitely unsingable!"

Still, I asked her to try and she began there and then drafting words on the back of a beer mat, listing the key words that she should include: love, dove, friends, home, etc.

She put it in her pocket and, before rushing back on stage, we arranged to meet again.

That was the birth of the Pax Lodge Song. With the approval of the Committee, our beautiful song had wings and was soon on its way around the world."

Maria Küper
Programme director 1990-1992

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