Donate items to our programmes, catering, first aid, office, grounds and maintenance and leisure activities.

You can help us by bringing any of these items with you when you visit Our Chalet. We also have an Amazon wish list


Priority items:

  • Foldable Picnic Blankets with a plastic coating on one side
  • Adult bicycle helmets (must be new and in packaging)
  • Thermos Flasks (approx 1.5 litre) for use on programme
  • Storm Proof Matches
  • Construction paper (coloured craft paper) - A4 or US letter size
  • Crayola washable marker pens
  • Whiteboard markers

Additional items:

  • Waterproof jackets and trousers (good quality)
  • Air-boards
  • Resource materials on leadership, environment and education


Priority items:

First aid

Priority items:

Additional items:

Office supplies

  • Micro SD cards - 32GB or larger
  • Plug adapters for Switzerland and converters (from 110 to 220 Volts)
  • White masking tape – narrow width


Project Learning Tree Curriculum Guides:

  • Biodiversity Module


  • Interesting badges/patches - special trip badges, old activity/camp badges, etc. - that can be sold to visitors for donations.
  • Fabric scissors
  • Button maker
  • Girl Scout cookies
  • DVD Player (compatible with Switzerland)
  • Ukulele
  • Board games/puzzles

Please note, we have minimal space at Our Chalet to place all of the lovely gifts we have received over the years. As a result we request no further ornamental gifts are donated.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations!

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