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We have been having some technical issues on our booking page which meant did not receive any booking enquiries made between 6th January 2020 and 6th February 2020.

However, this has now been resolved and we have received all the booking enquiries made during this period today (6th February 2020).

We are trying to work through them as quickly as possible and ask for your continued patience. We will respond as soon as we can and apologise for any inconvenience.

If you are making a new booking then please use the booking form on this page as it is now working.

Submit a booking request for an event or just to stay for a break.

When we receive your request we will get in touch with you by email to proceed with your booking. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you have received a booking contract and paid a deposit.

Please check the booking opening dates and read the World Centres Booking Terms and Conditions before submitting your request.

If you need more information before submitting a booking request have a look at our FAQs and accommodation pages. If you have questions you can contact us via e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you at Our Chalet soon!

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