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Bookings can be made up to two years in advance.

In order to allow as many participants as possible to take part in our events we operate different booking opening dates for different types of event and guests. Broadly these are:


  • Summer Youth Events - 24 months in advance
  • Independent groups in Summer (10 or more guests) - 12 months in advance
  • Independent guests in Summer (up to nine guests) - 9 months in advance
  • Day visits/tours - 6 months in advance

Other seasons

  • Events, except Summer Youth Events- 18 months in advance
  • Independent guests/groups in Spring/Autumn/Winter - 12 months in advance
  • Day visits/tours - 6 months in advance

November/early December

  • Our Chalet is closed in November and early December. No visits, including day visits, are possible during this time.
  • Our Chalet reopens in mid-December and is open to both event and independent guests over the Christmas period.

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