How your donations are changing girls' lives

Every year, World Thinking Day encourages Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to think about the big issues affecting them and their global community, from poverty, gender inequality, environmental sustainability and access to education.

Since 1932, the day has also been an important opportunity to raise valuable funds for the World Thinking Day Fund, which helps transform the lives of girls and young women, by creating international life-changing opportunities.

You are helping Girl Guides and Girl Scouts speak out about their experiences and lobby decision makers, calling for laws and policies that protect girls and women and demanding perpetrators be prosecuted for their actions.

With help from the World Thinking Fund, the Nigerian Girl Guides Association received advocacy training from 20-22 June as part of the Stop the Violence campaign.

The Nigerian Girl Guides Association launched their campaign in 2018 calling for an end to child sexual abuse. They are now campaigning from state to state for domestication of laws that protect girls from being violated and punish perpetrators of crimes against children.

World Thinking Day 2019 - Stop the Violence Stop the Violence

Your funding is allowing young women have exciting opportunities for personal growth and development and the opportunity to represent WAGGGS and their Member Organisation externally including at the 64th Commission on the Status of Women.

With support from the World Thinking Day Fund, WAGGGS provides unique opportunities for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to advocate for the rights of girls and young women and champion gender equality at a local, national and international level.

Mirna Fernandez from Bolivia shares her story of empowerment after participating in COP (The Conference of the Parties) and other global advocacy opportunities

“WAGGGS changes lives through advocacy by putting girls and young women at the heart of the discussions that will affect their own future. My experience on environmental advocacy with WAGGGS gave me the essential tools to understand and influence key global challenges towards sustainability and gave me the strength to motivate more young people at the local and global level as a Girl Guide leader, a youth representative and as a university professor."

CSW63 WAGGGS delegates WAGGGS delegates at CSW

You are enabling more and more girls and young women around the world to benefit from WAGGGS’ leadership offer and events.

With your support, our Juliette Low Seminar (JLS), WAGGGS’ flagship leadership development event for young people will reach more young women than ever before!

This was the largest event since the JLS began back in 1932, and will bring together 800 members in six languages across 18 regional hubs. The JLS is an inspirational event and a highlight in any young women’s leadership journey – it is the moment that many of us start to see how we can truly create an impact in the world.

“For years it has been a space in which young women meet to develop leadership skills and face global challenges…I am honoured to be part of this global buzz ♡”

Participant from Costa Rica going to Australia

  • World Thinking Day 2019 JLS
  • World Thinking Day 2019 Leadership image
  • World Thinking Day 2019 Syria

Thank you to everyone who has already generously donated to the World Thinking Day Fund 2019.

You are helping us create more opportunities for girls and young women to stand up for themselves, raise their voices and advocate for long lasting change.

Find out more about the World Thinking Day Fund and how you can support us to grow in 2019 and beyond.

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