Poll 9: Self-esteem and body image

Poll 9: Self-esteem and body image

How does pressure to look a certain way affect what you do and how you feel?

Poll questions:

  1. Do you feel pressure to make changes to your appearance (e.g. diet or wear makeup) in order to feel more accepted or attractive?
  2. If you have felt any pressure to change your appearance where do you feel this pressure coming from the most??
  3. How important is your appearance when deciding how to spend your time and money??
  4. If you could share a message of body positivity with young people around the world on why we should all feel free to be ourselves, what would you say??

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Pressure to 'look good' affects everyone, but girls especially told us through U-Report that 39% feel some pressure and 20% feel a lot of pressure to change their appearance to feel more accepted. Social media was a slightly higher source of body image pressure for girls (31%) as opposed to friends (30%), whereas boys said friends were their biggest influence. 

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35% of all U-Reporters polled said their appearance was a very important factor when deciding how to spend their time and money, boys more than girls with the youngest U-Reporters feeling the strongest.

See the U-Report website for full results. 

Free Being Me Poster

Messages of body positivity from Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Be yourself. The most beautiful thing to do to yourself is to LOVE YOURSELF. Nobody can love you like yourself. Accept and love your body as it is and don't wish to have someone else's body because OUR FLAWS MAKES US UNIQUE.

- Girl Guide U-Reporter

How we used the data

WAGGGS is launching the next stage of its core programme Free Being Me to allow more girls in new countries to feel confident in their own bodies. The views of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts will help our Programme Managers and Trainers to continue to deliver the best possible programme. 

What you can do next

To learn more about body image and self-esteem check out our Free Being Me programme. 

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