Poll 18: Rural women's experiences

Poll 18: Rural women's experiences

In our largest poll yet, 130,000 U-Reporters told us about the largest issues facing rural women and girls. We shared these results with decision makers.

For the 62 Commission on the Status of Women, WAGGGS took a delegation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to the UN in New York. They represented 132,877 U-Reporters from Nigeria, Liberia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Brazil, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Syria, Chad, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Tanzania, Moldova and U-Report Global who responded to our poll on rural girls and women’s issues.

Poll questions:

  1. What is the biggest challenge for women & girls where you live?
  2. We’re meeting parliamentarians to tell them how they can reach out & respond to your needs.  What should they do to serve you better?
  3. In your opinion why don’t girls and women have the same opportunities or access to services as men and boys?
  4. Do you think modern technology could be the solution to empower women and girls?

CSW 2018


30 per cent of U-Reporters thought free, safe and quality education was the largest challenge to rural girls. 30 per cent said men and boys held women and girls back, which stopped them accessing the same opportunities. 25 per cent said unsafe spaces and violence were the biggest problem and 53 per cent thought modern technology could empower girls.

To see results from U-Report Global see the U-Report website.


How we used the data

During the 62 Commission on the Status of Women in March 2018, WAGGGS shared these outcomes when challenging governments and supporting civil society to mainstream the voices of girls. This was especially to support marginalised rural girls into processes to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

Where you can learn more?

Learn more about CSW and how WAGGGS engages at CSW to represent your voice at the UN.

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