Girls in Malaysia working towards Surf Smart badges

Girls in Malaysia working towards Surf Smart badges

72 girls from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are currently working towards getting their Surf Smart Badges, and a further 30 have already completed it and received their badges.

They chose to undertake the Surf Smart programme so they can earn a WAGGGS badge and become a Malaysian Queen Guide. Surf Smart was chosen as it represented a relevant badge which was both engaging and easy to follow.

In order to earn their badge the girls took part in activities outlined in the Surf Smart Curriculum. During the two day event, Surf Smart self-help stations were set up where the girls could work together in small groups to cover each topic from the curriculum, including Warm-up Games, ‘Respect Your Rights and Reputation’ and much more. The Phishing Quiz by Symantec was a big hit as the girls found it quite challenging telling apart the phishing mail from genuine ones. They had a great time completing the activities and went away with a better understanding of the need for caution and awareness when surfing the internet.

“As a leader, I found it easy to prepare the stations as material was readily available and I had no difficulty explaining to the girls what they had to do. I think the message of surfing safely online got across to the girls and they too have discovered more about their internet usage after going through the stations. As leaders, we too learned more about safe surfing from the girls and through the activities. The 'Put Yourself First' station reflected on how much the girls understood the pack and I think it was a success.”

Dharshini Mugunam, Girl Guide Leader, Persatuan Pandu Puteri (Malaysia Girl Guides Association)

"I think I am more aware of my online activities now and I think it’s important to know how to change the settings of our computer to keep ourselves safe."

Hui See, 14 years old

"I will not share my location especially on Swarm. Next, I will make sure of unknown links by asking my parents. I will not respond to unknown messengers and unknown requests from Facebook."

Jaclyn Lim, 16 years old

They will be continuing the curriculum with further events and training this year and we wish them all the best of luck in getting their badges and increasing their knowledge and awareness of the need to keep themselves safe and secure when surfing the internet.

More information on the group and their progress with Surf Smart can be found on their Facebook page. 

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