This is an important moment to raise awareness of good menstrual hygiene management, and the impact it can have on girls' lives.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts raise awareness of menstrual hygiene and make noise to show their Red Pride.

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2019 MHM day: girls across the world marked the day with events and campaigns. For example:

Tanzania Girl Guides menstruation

Girl Guides Tanzania taught girls about periods and on how to make reusable pads.

Girls from Girl Scouts USA successfully campaigned for introduction of rules ensuring girls have access to sanitary products and disposal facilities at school.

2018 research: To mark the day in 2018 WAGGGS asked girls via U-Report whether they felt that workplaces and school provided products and facilities to help them manage their periods. From over 5,360 responses, 48 per cent of girls said no.

We also asked girls about attitudes towards periods in their communities - over 35 per cent said there was a belief girls shouldn’t swim or play sport on their periods, 29 per cent said girls felt pressure to hide products and 24% said periods shouldn’t be discussed around men.

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