Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Education

Instilling period pride and confidence in girls through education and advocacy

Red Pride: Our Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Education

Menstruation is a normal biological part of a young woman’s life – PERIOD.

But for millions of girls around the world, managing their monthly menstrual cycle and society’s rules is a major barrier to them making the most out of their life.

WAGGGS works with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts through education and advocacy campaigns to empower girls and to find solutions.

Did you know?

  • One in ten adolescent girls in Africa miss school during their period and eventually drop out (UNESCO estimate).
  • 57% of school girls in South Africa were not aware what their period was before it started. (Johnson & Johnson study 2019).

What is WAGGGS doing?

“Periods are not something we should be ashamed of or made to feel bad about, they are a natural bodily function. Today as we strive for gender equality, it is time to recognise the challenges that still surround periods for many people. Whether it’s shame or stigma, price or pressure, many of us have suffered as a result.”

Kim, Girl Guiding UK Advocate

‘Rosie’s World Programme’: Partnership with Wash United 2019-2020

WASH United and WAGGGS are working in partnership to develop and support the rollout of ‘Rosie’s World’, an educational programme specially adapted to be delivered in sub-Saharan African Member Organisations.

Our partner: WASH United is an award-winning not-for-profit that aims to change people’s attitude and behaviour towards the issue of menstrual hygiene.

Our funder: the joint project is funded by the Swedish Postcode Foundation

Team Zimbabwe Yess Girls

What’s happening?

Launch: We launched our partnership in February 2019.

YESS: From February 2019, ‘Red Pride’ became a core part of the WAGGGS YESS programme. Participants delivered Rosie’s World and helped test and refine the programme. They ran amazing Menstrual Health Day events and campaigns on May 28th. They reached over 14,000 girls!

YESS participants in the 2020 cohort will continue delivering Rosie’s World.

Widening our reach: Member Organisations in the Africa Region welcoming back YESS participants had the opportunity to apply for funding and support to roll out Rosie’s World. 11 Member Organisations responded and together aim to smash our target of 54,000 girls reached by August 2020!

What is Rosie’s World?

Adapted from an innovative game and education tool that WASH initially developed with girls in India. It educates girls about puberty and how to manage their periods safely, hygienically and confidently. During the first half of 2019 it was adapted for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout audience in Sub Saharan Africa. It is story-led, with games and activities throughout, and a ‘take action’ project at the end to share the important messages more widely. Girls gain their ‘Red Pride’ badge.

What’s next?

We know Members across the world are interested and passionate about the topic of Menstrual Health Management. It is WAGGGS’ ambition to widen the scope of the Rosie’s World programme, continue supporting Menstrual Heath Day, and share more stories of girls’ projects globally.

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