Our Host Committee was delighted to welcome nearly 300 supporters supporters from more than 24 countries of the Olave Baden-Powell Society to our 2019 Annual Event. We hope that you enjoyed the event and found the programme insightful and inspiring.

OB-PS Canada 2019

We hope you enjoyed the event and found the programme insightful and inspiring.

The event photos are now available to view.

Below you will find more information about our keynote speakers. You can also download a selection of the presentations, including the WAGGGS Plenary presentation, Sarah Nancollas (CEO, WAGGGS) Update, Girl Guides Canada, Claudia Mitchel, Faye Mishna, Anne Wagner, Rowena Sugay, as well as the Norway 2020 presentation.

Speaker biographies and presentations

Sarah Nancollas - Chief Executive Officer, WAGGGS

12-6-3 planning cycle

Sarah came to WAGGGS with a wealth of international and corporate leadership and strategic experience. For the past 19 years, she has been Chief Executive of a number of high profile charities. Sarah joins WAGGGS from children’s charity Variety. Prior to this, Sarah was also Chief Executive of Lepra, a non-governmental organisation with 650 staff.

Adam Heuman - Director of Engagement, WAGGGS

WAGGGS Report - Plenary Presentation

Adam joined WAGGGS in August 2017 and is responsible for a cross-functional Engagement team focusing on fundraising, advocacy and communications. He previously led a team of more than 25 overseeing Plan UK’s relationships with companies, major donors and trusts, as well as a programme team working in Africa, Asia and South America.

Robyn McDonald

Canada - A catalyst for girls empowering girls

Chair, Board of Directors, Girl Guides of Canada Robyn began her guiding journey as Brownie and continued as a Guider, particularly enjoying working with older girls. An accountant in her professional life, Robyn has used her accounting skills and financial background as a volunteer in Guiding and also to help many other nongovernmental organisations. As a Director, Robyn is a steward of Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) and is accountable for the viability of the organisation. Robyn is passionate about offering dynamic experiences to girls and recruiting and retaining members. She remains active locally, working to provide outstanding opportunities for girls.

Sarah Govan-Sisk

International Commissioner, Girl Guides of Canada Sarah joined the OB-PS in 2013, after seeing first-hand the amazing impact OB-PS members had on making the WAGGGS ‘Stop the Violence’ training session in Rwanda a reality. Sarah has been extensively involved in Guiding at local, national and international levels, presently serving as International Commissioner for GGC as well as sitting on the WAGGGS Governance Sub-Committee on Constitutions and By-Laws. Sarah holds a Masters degree in International Communications Policy and has worked in parliamentary affairs for over two decades. She has extensive experience in the areas of governance, advocacy and public relations.

Jill Zelmanovits

Chief Executive, Girl Guides of Canada Jill joined the OB-PS in 2017. Jill is the CEO and keynote listener at GGC. She is passionately committed to the mission of the organization – to be a catalyst for girls empowering girls. Jill has spent over fifteen years in not-for-profit leadership, including serving as a Trustee on the World Board of WAGGGS. Prior to her role at GGC, Jill was a commercial litigator and worked for Legal Aid Ontario at a number of community legal clinics. Jill is a long-standing member of GGC and mother of a Girl Guide.

Krysta Coyle

Ph.D. Director, Guiding Ambassador, Girl Guides of Canada Krysta is the Guiding Ambassador with GGC. She started with GGC as a Spark and passionately believes in the value of Guiding to empower each girl to be everything she wants to be. Krysta is a PhD scientist in cancer genomics and loves seeing diverse women role models show girls and young women that anything is possible – from STEM to creative projects to outdoor adventures. She is a champion for GGC as a progressive organization, providing a place for girls to feel valued and supported – and a place where girls see that their voices matter. As a WAGGGS Advocacy Champion, Krysta wants to argue for the systematic destruction of the social and cultural barriers that girls and women face in every corner of the world.

Claudia Mitchell

Ph.D., F.R.S.C. Professor, Faculty of Education, McGill University Claudia is a James McGill Professor in the Department of Integrated studies with the Faculty of Education at McGill University, and an Honorary Professor in the School of Education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. Dr. Mitchell’s research interests span work in schools with teachers and young people, particularly in the context of gender, HIV and AIDS; studies in Higher Education of mainstreaming issues of gender, HIV and AIDS in South Africa and Ethiopia; girlhood studies, in particular work related to gender-based violence; and participatory visual methodologies and community-based research in health education, housing and agriculture.

Faye Mishna

The cyber world

Ph.D. Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto Faye is Dean and Professor at the Faculty and is cross-appointed to the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Mishna holds the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Chair in Child and Family. Faye has conducted research on bullying, cyber bullying, cyber counseling and the impact of cyber technology in traditional face-to-face counseling and interventions with vulnerable children and youth. Dr. Mishna is the author of a book on bullying published by Oxford University Press in 2012 and co-author of a book on bullying in Canada, published by Oxford University Press in 2015. She has a small private practice in consultation and therapy.

Anne Wagner

Challenging gender inequities: Fostering belonging and inclusion

PhD Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Nipissing University Anne is a registered social worker and Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work. Dr. Wagner’s teaching and research interests include the areas of gender, race, social justice, (higher) education, and violence against women and girls. Prior to teaching at Nipissing University, Anne worked as a clinical social worker in a variety of settings supporting women and girls from marginalized communities across Ontario.

Rowena Sugay

Is the world paying attention to adolescent nutrition?

MBA Program Manager, Nutrition International Rowena is the Program Manager of NLIFT (Nutrition Leverage and Influence for Transformation), an innovative nutrition programme with a $25M anchor funding from Global Affairs Canada. NLIFT integrates nutrition into non-nutrition platforms. As Program Manager, Rowena helped identify WAGGGS as an NLIFT partner, and has supported NI-WAGGGS’ Girl Powered Nutrition Programme from its conceptualization through its implementation. She has over 20 years of experience in international development programming, advocacy, fundraising and evaluation. She managed and supported programmes in 20 countries in Asia and Africa. She obtained her MBA from the University of the Philippines and studied Project Management at the University of Toronto. Rowena was a Star Scout and an adult Associate Member with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.

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