Impact of the Movement

WAGGGS will train up to 20 leaders in a specific programme such as Free Being Me, or other skills that focus on how to develop and deliver their own educational programme. WAGGGS encourages leaders, who may themselves be volunteers with limited education, to take part in training that empowers girls. This in return can empower volunteers and motivate them to develop their own trainer programme for other adult leaders.

Impact of Country Visits

During our visits, we meet with local champions and their stakeholders to tell them about the benefits of joining WAGGGS and boost their enthusiasm for being part of a network that will support and develop them. We provide an Action Plan which details all of the work the country needs to complete before the Assessment Visit and gives them a clear list of activities which motivates them towards completion.

Girls in Montenegro

Total population of girls/young women (5-19): 622.388 (2015)

Population of girls/young women:  87.688 (2014)

  • Domestic violence
  • Human trafficking and forced prostitution  
  • Patriarchal society with traditional views on gender roles
  • Trafficking in persons for the purposes of prostitution and forced labour remains a problem

How can you help bring the Movement to Montenegro?

SPONSOR TRAINING: Need for a GGGS/WAGGGS training - SPONSOR COUNTRY VISITS: Programme training and event attendance

FUNDING REQUIRED:  Training £12,000 & Country Visits £6000 (before 2020)

  • Training delivery - includes venue hire (£3500)
  • Accommodation and food for participants (£2000)
  • In country travel for participants (£2000)
  • Facilitator travel (international airfare) and local accommodation (£2500)
  • Materials (including printing) (£500)
  • Interpretation or translation costs (£1000)
  • Visa costs (£500)

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