Anne Scott Fund 2015

So far this year we have provided grants to 24 young women. Read more about how they have benefited from the Anne Scott Fund and some of the amazing experiences they have had.


Roseline Souebele Mayinga, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Roseline attended the Commission on the Status of Women 59, in New York this year as a WAGGGS youth Delegate

As a WAGGGS youth delegate, I and my colleagues were in charge of different things such as giving speeches at side and parallel events organized in partnership with other organizations. The amazing part of that was lobbying to the government delegation at CSW about WAGGGS' key messages and the call for action.

I have never felt so committed to girl’s rights before ; I was able to meet people, amazing girl guides from other parts of the world, WAGGGS members from the World Bureau and the Advocacy team. I attended events that gave me more insight into the work we are doing with girls and young women.

I had a wonderful time. The event was full of people who took part in fun activities we prepared. It was fantastic seeing and touching snow for the first time! Being there I also had the opportunity to explore the UN building as part of the Congo alternate delegate thanks to WAGGGS and the Anne Scott fund.  

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Yan Kit Kam, Malaysia

“Young Women Leading for a Greener Future” was the theme of HSS 2015. We learnt by doing and sharing stories during this week. We engaged in many environmentally friendly practices, like material recycling which it is not matured in my own member organization (MO), in Switzerland. We discussed about environmental projects carried out in our own MOs and developed our own action plan to take home. I was so amazed by the work done by my fellow girl guides and girl scouts and also saw room for development in my MO. After this seminar, I will put these experiences and advice into practice and conduct a food waste recycling project together with another Hong Kong delegate. 

During the week, we were given many challenges to dare ourselves and step out from our comfort zone. One of the challenges was to jump from a bridge. It was incredibly scary yet exciting to each and every participant. We were all empowered after this activity as we were brave enough to take the step and jump off. I believed that this gave us the courage to bring our action plan home and carry it out despite any potential obstacle. 

I will never forget how inspirational to discuss with 22 sisters about our own leadership experiences and environmental challenges. I will never forget how amazing it felt when I lay on my back and enjoyed the beauty of Swiss nature. I will never forget the courage I had when I dared myself to take every physical challenge. HSS not only led us to grow into better leaders, but also empowered us to bring what we have learnt home and plant it in our own countries. We hope that spread the message and work together for a greener future. 

Without the support from OB-PS, I would not have been able to gain these wonderful experiences and sweet memories with my fellow guiding sisters. Once again, thank you Anne Scott Fund for your generous support.

Yan Kit Kam


Tori McDonald, Northern Ireland

We went to Our Cabana to take part in an international friendship week and met Girl Guides from Canada and Mexico, as well as learning about the local culture and experiencing Mexico

In Our Cabana we did a lot of WAGGGS initiatives and completed some badges such as Free Being Me and Stop the Violence. I will encourage my guide leaders to do these badges with the girls in my unit. I would like to become a peer educator in the Free Being Me badge. I would consider going on to be a leader for an international trip in the future. 

This event has taught me to be a more outgoing person. I would say that I am a more confident person since I got home and also know how to talk to strangers. I also learned that its okay to have a down day and how to help others when they are having a down day. I learned how to be a member of a group and work to get along well with everybody. I also learned that there are people in life you won’t always get along with and that that’s okay. 

This event has encouraged me to continue in Girlguiding and after talking to others on the trip I am more aware of the opportunities available to me. I would like to take part in more county events. I can encourage other people in my unit and region to take part in international trips as I really think they are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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