World Thinking Day 2016 - Connect Activity Pack

Making more positive connections matters, because it helps us to be happy. But what does it mean to feel truly connected? Connected to who we are, connected to where we are, and connected to the people around us?

The pack, built on the theme of ‘Connect’, invites you to explore and celebrate the meaningful connections that make our lives better, whether to the people closest to us, to a place we care about, or to a Girl Guide or Girl Scout friend on the other side of the world. 

You can also find the activity pack in other languages: 

  • Date de publication: 1st Janvier 2015
  • Auteur(s): Nefeli Themeli & Andii Verhoeven
  • Length: 56 pages
  • Type ressource: Activity packs
  • Thème ressource: World Thinking Day
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