Independent Guests and Groups

Individual Scout and Guide groups are welcome to stay at Our Chalet and arrange tailor-made programmes based on the season.

We warmly welcome individuals, Guide and Scout groups, who have an opportunity to create a customised programme to cover the whole stay, from a few days to a few weeks. For planning and advice contact our Programme team.

Our Chalet has lots to offer in all seasons, whether you wish to come alone, as a family or as part of a group. If you prefer a full programme, international event or advice in creating your own programme, we will be happy to help, just let us know your wishes.

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Seasons play an important role in lifestyle of the Swiss people as well as in our centre, located high in the mountains where each season has a chance to present its best assets and create an unforgettable experience.

Some activities are only possible in specific seasons, for example skiing and other snow adventure activities in Winter and early spring.

There are many activities which can be run year round, including popular hikes in the Adelboden valley and visits to nearby towns.

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