Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions to Our Chalet


What will the weather be like when we visit?

The weather in Adelboden is quite variable. Of course the weather varies between seasons but there can also be large variations within seasons!

Please note all temperatures quoted are in Celsius and are based on previous years. The average temperatures give a more likely indication of the temperatures you will most probably experience. 

Spring: March - May

Snow: Likely at the beginning. Unlikely towards the end. 


Absolute Min: -16 to -5

Average Min: -2 to +5

Average Max: +6 to +15 

Absolute Max: +19 to +28

Summer: June - August

Snow: Improbable though not impossible (there could be a light sprinkling). See Q: Will it be snowing/will there be snow?


Absolute Min: -3 to +3

Average Min: +8 to +10

Average Max: +18 to +20 

Absolute Max: +29 to +30 

Autumn: September - October 

(please note that we are shut during the month of November)

Snow: Unlikely at the beginning, possible at the end.


Absolute Min: -7 to -2

Average Min: -1 to +4

Average Max: +11 to +15

Absolute Max: +22 to +25 

Winter: December - February

Snow: Highly Likely, particularly from late December onwards. 


Absolute Min: -16 to +18

Average Min: +8 to +10

Average Max: +18 to +20 

Absolute Max:  +13 to +14 

Please note that there will also be wind chill factor to take into account when there is wind so ensure that you bring plenty of layers, particularly if you will be hiking or skiing in the mountains. The weather is generally more extreme the higher you go. There will be an increased chance of snow, wind and lower temperatures with increased altitude.   


Will it be snowing/will there be snow?

From December - early April chances are that you will experience some level of snow here at Our Chalet. Outside of these months (May - November) the chance of snow is more unlikely. However, we have been known to have a sprinkling of snow as late on as June and as early as October (it doesn't stay around for long though). We cannot predict exactly when the snow will appear or disappear each year but this is a rough indication.

In addition to this, weather on the mountaintops may vary from the snow that we experience at the chalet itself.  

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Do I need sunscreen?

Yes. No matter what the season you should bring (and apply) sunscreen. Even if it feels really cold on the mountain in the middle of winter, you can still get burned through the cloud. When it is cold, it will often take you by surprise, but damage can still be done. The same applies all year round on sunny or cloudy days.  

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Will it rain?

From Spring through to Autumn there will be a good chance of rain (in Winter the precipitation will usually take the form of snow). Please ensure that you have both waterproof jackets and waterproof pants/trousers to ensure that you stay dry and happy throughout your stay. Be prepared! We do have an area in which you can hang clothing to dry if it does get wet.  

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How do I get to Our Chalet?

To plan your travel within Switzerland visit the Swiss rail system website ( where you can create your itinerary, find out about discounts and various travel passes and purchase your tickets as well. Please see our Travelling to Our Chalet page for more information and additional discount options.  

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What should I bring?

Our recommended packing list for summer is here

Our recommended packing list for winter is here

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Why can't I hike in jeans?

Denim is cotton, so wearing jeans is a poor choice for any hike, especially in rainy or cold weather. Cotton retains moisture instead of wicking it away like wool and/or synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Once cotton gets wet, it takes a long time to dry out. This moisture on your skin draws away body heat leaving you not only cold and miserable, but more susceptible to hypothermia and chafing. It's better not to risk ruining your holiday by wearing the wrong clothing!  


Which currency is used at Our Chalet?

We use the Swiss Franc (CHF) here in Switzerland. Please note that we cannot accept any other currencies. Unfortunately we do not accept Euros as they are not the currency of Switzerland. If you pay by card you can choose to pay in your native currency or CHF, there will also be a small card transaction fee.

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Do you have a shop?

Yes. We sell a wide range of different items. These include:

  • Postcards (of Our Chalet, Switzerland and Adelboden)
  • Sweets/Candy
  • Soda/Soft drinks
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Swiss Souvenirs
  • Buffs
  • WAGGGS pins and other merchandise
  • Our Chalet pins and patches/badges
  • Our Chalet cookbooks 
  • Our Chalet songbooks
  • Ice cream 

We do try to ensure that a wide range of items and sizes are available at all times but please be aware that these are subject to both demand and availability. 

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I'm travelling to Our Chalet by train, how do I get from Frutigen to Adelboden Oey?

The trains at Frutigen are usually perfectly timed so that when you arrive at the station there is a bus waiting outside heading to Adelboden. Leave the station and cross the road to the red AFA bus that reads 'Adelboden' on the front. If you have bought a ticket to Adelboden Oey you will not have to pay again for the bus. The journey from Frutigen Bahnhof to Oey takes approximately 25 minutes. In case you are concerned about knowing when to leave the bus, there is an electronic display on the inside of each bus that tells you the next stop. Once it reads 'Oey' press a red 'stop' button to alert the driver that you wish to alight. The three stops prior to Oey are Hirschen, Neuweg and Margeli.  

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How far away is Our Chalet from the bus stop?

If you wish to walk from the Adelboden Oey bus stop there is approximately 1 km uphill walk which can take between 20-40 minutes. From the bus stop follow the sign posts that will take you to Our Chalet. Most guests ask to have their luggage transferred up the hill so that they can walk up, stretch their legs and admire the view, like thousands of others before them.  

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Do you offer luggage transfers?

You must preorder the luggage pick up from Adelboden Oey bus stop to Our Chalet should you wish to use this service by Our Chalet. This service is available within the reception working. Inform us at least three days in advance with the exact date and time of the bus arrival at Adelboden Oey bus stop. Cost of /roundtrip / return transfer during office hours is CHF 5 per person.

Do you have WiFi?

We have WiFi available for a small cost in 1/3/24 hour amounts. Please ask during reception working hours if you would wish to purchase some.

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We will be in the area and would like to visit - do you offer tours?

We do offer tours. You can either take yourself on a self guided tour or have a guided tour with a member of staff. Please see the tour page for more information.  

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The kit list asks for a lunch box - can you define this?

A lunch box is normally a plastic box in which you can keep your lunch. In the UK this is what all size boxes are called. In the USA some call the smaller versions sandwich keepers. Bring either or both of these if you wish, so long as it is small enough to comfortably fit in your bag along with all the other equipment you need.

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