At Our Chalet we provide several catering options to our guests to meet dietary requirements

Catered by Our Chalet

All year around we offer 3 catered meals a day including Breakfast, Packed lunch and Dinner. International events organized by Our Chalet (if not specified differently) include full board in the package.

Partially Catered by Our Chalet

If you are staying in any type of accommodation and wish to be catered only for specific meals such as dinner that is a possibility too. There are two guest kitchenettes with fridges where you can store some basic food items for your other meals.

Self Catered

This option includes preparing meals yourself. It is most common while camping during Summer months. You can preorder some basic food items with us. We have two fully equipped kitchens you can rent (Camp House and Squirrel House) as well as outdoor cooking equipment and patrol cooking boxes. We also have two kitchenettes with microwave, stove top, refrigerator, kettle and toaster use available.

We continuously receive very positive feedback regarding the food and catering service we offer to our guests.

We are striving to:

  • Use local products, locally produced milk, cheese and meat
  • Use fair trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Use fresh ingredients, plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Use healthy methods of cooking
  • Be sensitive to food allergies and different food intolerances
  • Cook international dishes as well as traditional Swiss dishes
  • Serve and enjoy meals in a traditional family style


Breakfast is served daily from 8.00 to 8.45 in the Dining Hall, Main Chalet. This meal consists of a Swiss-style buffet of bread, cheese, jam, cereal corn flakes, Müesli, plain and fruit yoghurt, fruit, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

In case you are leaving Our Chalet before breakfast time and wish to pack your breakfast you can request a packed breakfast which you will prepare in the same style as packed lunch only the night before your departure, right after dinner time. Please specify this option with your booking.

Packed Lunch

We do not offer lunch on-site however you can request a packed lunch which you will need to prepare during breakfast time from 8.00 to 8.45. There will be a table set with ingredients to make your packed lunch which includes two sandwiches with a choice of fillings, a piece of fruit and two snacks. Please bring your own sandwich box.


Dinner is served at 18.00 or 18:30 depending on the season in the Dining Hall, Main Chalet. Dinner is a substantial two course meal including a main course and a dessert. As dinners cannot be held for late arrivals, we ask guests to make their own arrangements if planning to arrive later than dinner time.

Drinks and Snacks

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are available in the T-Bar in Main Chalet and in the Conference Room in Spycher. We do not charge for these hot drinks but a donation to cover the costs of these items will be very much appreciated, please place these in the box provided. A selection of snacks and drinks are also available for purchase in the on-site shop.

Dietary Requirements

If a member of your group has a special dietary requirement, such as special diet, severe intolerance or allergy to a specific type of food please notify us at least four weeks prior to your arrival. You are required to complete the Passenger Manifesto and return it to Our Chalet at least four weeks prior to your visit, this is sent to you with your booking contract.

Note for Independent guests and groups:

Please remember to book all meals for the duration of your stay at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Contact us at

2015 / 2016

  • Breakfast - CHF 8
  • Packed Lunch - CHF 10
  • Dinner - CHF 15
  • Soft drinks - CHF 2.50
  • Snacks from CHF 2 to 6
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