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Our Cabana offers a unique programme based on the Girl Guide and Girl Scout methodology, including exciting adventures which provide new experiences and explore Mexico’s culture and traditions. With events designed for every age group, our participants will feel at home. They will also have the opportunity to do service in our community with the help of experienced staff.

Throughout the year, we offer many sessions and international events with various themes including tradition, adventure, ecology and gourmet discovery. These events vary in length and content, and are open to every member of WAGGGS. We also provide service to groups in regular, individual or custom events with a 'Bed and Breakfast' modality.

We also offer the opportunity for active WAGGGS members around the world to apply for internships at Our Cabana to learn skills that will further their academic or career goals, while contributing to the delivery of our services.

If you have a passion for guest services, programme planning or marketing and communications, apply for one of our internships.

See the requirements below. If you think you would be suited to the job, complete the application forms:

Guest Services: Supports the front of house coordinators and the rest of the Our Cabana team through daily operations. Full role description

Programme: Supports the Programme Manager – Programmes in designing, planning and executing programmes and events at Our Cabana. Full role description

Marketing and Communications: Supports the Our Cabana team to ensure high-quality promotion and increase the World Centre’s visibility via social media, website updates, etc. Full role description

Available dates:

- June/December 2020. Deadline January 15, 2020

- January/June 2021. Deadline May 30, 2020

- June/December 2021. Deadline November 30, 2020

- January/June 2022. Deadline May 30, 2021

- June/December 2022. Deadline November 30, 2021

Please ensure applications arrive at the following email addresses before the closing date. The applications must have the signature or letter of approval from your International Commissioner / National President of your association.

Our Cabana:

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