Event Packages

Throughout the year Our Cabaña has themed programmed events for all ages and tastes, and include activities, tours and visits that are designed to suit every visitors' taste!

World Thinking Day Event

wtd2017 at Nuestra Cabana2

Experience the WTD at a World Centre.

Share and have fun with guides from around the world and make friends for life, surrounded by Mexican culture and flavor. It’s something you can’t miss! Ages +13

2020: 16-24 Feb

Monarch Butterflies

Mariposas Monarca 1

Visit the forests of the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary and enjoy this unique spectacle. Discover the cultural richness, traditions and gastronomy of Mexico. Ages +13

2019: 22-28 Nov

2020: 16-24 Feb

Splash into Spring

spring break2

Isn’t it the best way to enjoy this season at the City of Eternal Spring? Enjoy a great week full of friendship, trips, Mexican culture and traditions, community service and great experiences! Ages +13

2020: 22-30 Mar / 17-25 Apr

Sea Adventure

102014_Our Cabana_girl with sea creature

Experience a great adventure in Our Cabaña and meet a wonderful place where you can help preserve the sea turtle’s life, an endangered species. Learn about the environment, Mexican culture and traditions. Ages +13

2020: 5-12 Abr

Friendship Event

girls piramid

Meet and share with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from other countries. Take place in a community service project and learn about Mexican culture and tradition. Ages: +13

2019: 26 Jun-4 Jul / 8-16 Jul / 21-29 Jul / 1-9 Aug / 12-20 Aug

2020: 3-11 Jul / 16-24 Jul / 29 Jul-6 Aug / 11-19 Aug / 23-31 Aug

Day of the Dead and Mexican Traditions Event

Day of the Dead

Experience the Day of the Dead, a great Mexican celebration, accompanied by cultural and gastronomic sample. Ages +15

2019: 28 Oct - 5 Nov

Our Cabana Leadership Adventure

Our Cabaña Leadership Adventure

Life-changing experience through community services and outdoors activities to aid girls and women to develop their leadership skills, understanding community, working in teams and build lifelong friendships, based on a unique Guiding international programme. Ages +13

2020: 19-25 Jan

Acapulco Adventure

Acapulco Adventure II 2019 at Our Cabaña

Discover your potential in Acapulco, one of Mexico’s oldest coastal tourist destinations and have the time of your life! Enjoy this adventure snorkeling under the sea, help to preserve the sea turtle and much more. Ages +13

2019: 2-10 Jun

2020: 9-17 Mar

Leaders in action workshop

Leaders in action workshop at Our Cabaña

Based on WAGGGS tradition and commitment to leadership development, we offer an international platform to provide women with opportunities to learn, develop new skills and leadership through a variety of activities. Ages +13

2019: 16-22 Jun

Leadership through arts

Leadership through arts 2018

Leadership Through Art is an event that aims to encourage people and engage them with their community through the arts; exploring their capacity for true leadership from an innovative perspective. Ages +13

2020: 9-17 Nov

Camping Adventure

Summer adventure camp I at Our Cabaña 2019

Adventure give girls and women chance to push their boundaries. Getting outside, enjoying nature, having fun with outdoor activities and challenging ourselves, is one of the best parts of Guiding. Come to Our Cabaña, and make your dreams come true! Ages +13

2019: 10-18 Nov

Community Service / Be The Change

Community Service III at Our Cabaña 2019

Explore one of the most biologically, ethnically, linguistically, and culturally diverse countries in the world. Make a difference by giving back and develop a deeper cultural understanding by working with our community partners. Ages 13+

2019: 23-28 Aug / 11-16 Oct / 1-6 Dec

2020: 9-17 Jun / 3-11 Dec

Mexican Taste

Mexican Taste at Our Cabaña 2019

Come to Mexico and taste the diversity! Come and learn about Mexican traditions and enjoy wonderful food at traditional restaurants and places around Cuernavaca while they get ready for “Las Posadas” and a bunch of December festivities. Ages 13+

2019: 9-15 Dec

2020: 16-22 Oct

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