Our history

The First Arab Girl Guides Conference was held in Libya in 1966 in order to create the Arab Girl Guides Bureau.

At the Second Arab Conference, held in Algeria in 1968, the Arab Girl Guides Bureau was established following WAGGGS' objectives and fundamental principles. A special Constitution was written for the Bureau to set up its ways of work and its bodies.

The first elected Secretary General of the Bureau was Mrs Bahia Abdel Nabi from Egypt.

  • Baheya Abdelnaby - First Secretary General, Arab Bureau of Girl Guides


    The Arab Bureau was officially recognised as the Arab Regional Group in WAGGGS.

  • Bahrain Brownie


    The name of the Arab Bureau was changed to the Arab Girl Guides Assembly.

  • Egypt girl guides leader


    The Arab Region was recognised by WAGGGS and formed its fifth Region.

The Constitution of the Arab Girl Guides Assembly was then amended to comply with the WAGGGS

Egypt Girl Guides

Regional Guidelines. It was adopted in its final version during the 17th Arab Regional Conference held in Oman from 11 – 17 June 2004.

Now, the Arab Region WAGGGS is one of the five WAGGGS regions and has:

  • 14 Member Organisations
  • 18 national Girl Guide and Girl Scout associations
  • over 150,000 Girl Guides and Girls Scouts

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