Our awards

Our awards provide recognition to outstanding Leaders who have contributed greatly to the development of the WAGGGS Arab Region.

The WAGGGS Arab Region presents three awards which are given out once every three years during the Regional Conference.

Awards at Arab Conference

Outstanding Leader Award

This Award is given to outstanding leaders who have worked with one or several Member Organisations in developing one or several areas of work to ensure high quality Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

Awards during Arab Conference

Dedication Trophy

For pioneering leaders who have served for more than 25 years and have made a clear positive impact on national as well as regional level. The Award is open to Girl Guides and non-Girl Guides.

Arab Girl Guiding books

Research and Publishing Award

The aim of this Award is to encourage leaders to carry out research on the needs of girls and young women and then write and publish booklets that can be of help to all Member Organisations.

Nomination and Approval of Awards

The Arab Regional Committee sends the call to nominations to all Member Organisations along with the Awards document six months prior to the Regional Conference. Each Award has its own criteria, application form and clear process.

It is the responsibility of the Regional Committee to look at the different nominees and agree on who is eligible to be awarded. For the Authoring and Research Award, the Arab committee recruits experts to form a recognition committee. The recognition committee approves or denies the nomination and then sends the decision to the Arab Committee for final approval.

The awardees, if attending the Regional Conference, will have a three-minute slot to talk and showcase their achievements.

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