Our operational plan

The operational plan is the road-map guiding all the WAGGGS Arab Region's activities.

Strategic planning framework

Arab Regional Committee 2013

As the operational plan feeds into WAGGGS' strategic plan at global level, it follows the world strategic triennia. The current triennium runs from 2015 to 2017.

The operational plan...

  • strategically chooses the direction of the Region in relation to the aims and needs of Member Organisations and trends in Arab society;
  • describes how these aims will be implemented;
  • wisely makes use of human and financial resources.

The operational plan lays out our detailed plans for achieving our strategy. The implementation relies on the fulfilment of the objectives through strong and clear actions, which will lead to outcomes and have the desired impact. This is regularly monitored and evaluated.

Arab Region young women

Priority areas of action for the region are to:

  1. Empower girls and young women through quality programmes and development of opportunities.
  2. Increase involvement of young women in decision making.
  3. Build the capacity of Member Organisations and support them to reach out to more girls and young women.

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