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08 Août 2016
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Rangers and Rovers from 55 countries are on the road to Roverway - an event in France for 5000 young people, taking place 3 - 14 August. Join us #OnTheRoad!

Follow all the action at Roverway as it happens! 

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WAGGGS Roverway team

3 August

Across France, Rangers and Rovers aged 16 to 22 from 46 countries in Europe and beyond, are on the road to Roverway, a large scale event organized by the Scouts and Guides of France in partnership with WAGGGS and WOSM.

With colourful uniforms and heavy backpacks, they are getting ready for an unforgettable experience. First they will gather at seven crossroads in different parts of France to open the event then, mixed into 75 international teams who will live together on the road, and work together in  local partnerships on a theme they care about; peace, culture, environment or solidarity. After six days on the road they will gather to camp together with 5,000 peers, share their experiences and explore how to take their experience home and keep changing the world for the better.

Like all quality Guide and Scout programmes, Roverway has a clear educational framework that shapes its programme, based on the values of the Movement and delivered using our educational method. It is designed to develop a sense of commitment to society, of being European and contributing to a wider European identity, and to promote youth members taking responsibility and leadership to collaboratively shape the programme for themselves.

As one of Roverway’s organizing partners, WAGGGS will be there with with 60 international WAGGGS facilitators, delivering workshops in four thematic areas; broadening your horizons, be your own superhero, making choices, and a better world. Chosen by Rangers and Rovers, the themes will create space for participants to reflect on their own journey and discover more about themselves through collaborating in a diverse environment.

082016_ France _ WAGGGS Team at Roverway

5 August

Day two of Roverway! The 75 groups of Rangers and Rovers on the road had a great first day and are sending updates to the central camp, so those of us onsite at Jambville preparing the central camp can get a feeling of the experience on the roads from the participant’s perspectives. Rovers and Rangers have been living a spiritual experience at Mont St Michel, being interviewed by TF1 (the biggest TV channel in France), enjoying sunny weather, hiking across the Alps to cross the border and meet Rangers and Rovers in Torino in Italy, sharing food from their countries,enjoying siestas in Strasbourg, learning sign language in their own languages, practising local woodworking skills, working with local partners to connect with migrant communities in Paris, and starting many other exciting experiences. At Jambville, the core WAGGGS team (from the Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, are nearly all onsite and are setting up the activity zones, preparing the workshops we will run for 1,600 participants, and today running workshops for the international service team on topics such as inclusivity in Guiding and Scouting, Free Being Me, and integrating and supporting refugees.

On Thursday 11th August, 86 Rovers and Rangers will be visiting UNESCO as ambassadors from Roverway to meet with Ahmad Alhendawi, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth to discuss youth engagement and develop a meaningful outcome to build on the Roverway themes. On the 12th they will run a workshop for participants to share their experience and present their outcome to the closing ceremony

Roverway WAGGGS Facilitators

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