Fifth World Centre pilot project - Community action experience in Kenya

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4 Juillet 2013

The Fifth World Centre Pilot Project has launched the Community Action Experience in Kenya and is seeking participants!

This is a one-month experience where participants will have the opportunity to involve themselves in Kenyan life and culture while undertaking a Community Action project as part of the Fifth World Centre Pilot Project. Participants will also contribute to the development of the community at the Shanzu Transitional Centre in Kenya.

Who can apply?

COP 17 delegate at school

Participants, with the profile below, will be suitable for this pilot activity:

  • Young women between 18 and 30 years old belonging to WAGGGS Member Organizations
  • Have some volunteering experience
  • Willing to work with and empower disabled young women and children 
  • Have some experience and skills in entrepreneurship/business training, project management (including project proposal) and marketing
  • Be passionate about community development issues, economic empowerment and want to raise awareness about them to make a difference in Shanzu Transitional Centre, in the local community, as well as their own community, country and wider world
  • Willing to bring projects of innovation and to contribute to the economic empowerment of the hosting centre, the girls and young women beneficiaries 
  • Have an understanding of and be able to communicate well in English
  • Other criteria as per the sections outlined on the application form

 Practical Information

  • The Community Action Experience runs from 20 October - 17 November 2013.
  • The cost of the Community Action Experience is $1,750 USD per person. This includes all meals, accommodation, and programme. Please note that this does not include flights and travel to Kenya as well as the insurance and visa costs.

For more information, visit here.

To apply, download the application form, complete and email  to by 7 August 2013.

For questions or enquiries, email