Successful start to WAGGGS National Leadership Development Programme

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6 Mai 2013


nldp2The twenty-seven participants from sixteen countries are at Pax Lodge to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to take elements of the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) back to their own countries and roll this programme out at a national level. This will include sharing the knowledge gained at this seminar with their association to ensure that the opportunity to benefit from this flagship leadership programme is available to more members of the association.

Activities included dividing into regional groups to create physical representations of famous London landmarks (Big Ben, the London Eye, a telephone box) which really got the group laughing. Later each region collaborated to present a short summary of their most special qualities and a short song. African participants demonstrated their dancing skills to the delight of everyone there whilst European participants sang their anthem.


Pax Lodge staff presented all delegates with a Pax Lodge Pin and each country lit a candle and recited their promise as the ceremony drew to a close.

By the end of the evening a feeling of camaraderie was already developing between delegates as they prepare for a busy week ahead.

The programme for the week, themed ‘Be the river’ looks at leadership as a journey that flows like water. Sessions include: identifying skills, attitudes and values in training; assessing the needs of the Member Organisation; coaching and developing a framework for action.  A closer look at the WLDP modules and WAGGGS Policy and Guidelines on Adult Training, Learning and Development are also at the heart of the workshop. Participants will leave with a strong base of knowledge and skills on which they can develop and deliver national training. 


This flagship leadership training event takes place 5-10 May at Pax Lodge and 30 trainers from across all five regions are attending. Look out for daily updates here on the WAGGGS website. 


Daily Updates

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Day 2: Update 07/05/13

Day 3 Update 08/05/13

Day 4: update 09/05/13

Day 5: update 10/05/13





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