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19 Février 2013

WAGGGS at UNEP TUNZA Youth Conference

WAGGGS at TUNZA Environment Conference

DATE: 10 to 14 FEBRUARY 2013

The main topic of the conference was "Health and the Environment", and over 300 youth from different countries gathered together to discuss this important issue and draft a common position statement to be put forward on behalf of the Major Group for Children and Youth at the First Universal Session of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum, which is currently being held in Nairobi (18 to 22 February 2013). 

The word “TUNZA” means “to treat with care or affection” in Kiswahili (a sub-regional language of Eastern Africa) and the overall TUNZA Concept is built around this. The initiative is designed to develop capacity building, environmental awareness and building networks among commited youth, capable of positive action….all of which are very important to WAGGGS!

Among the outstanding, inspirational youth who were present were two more Girl Guides who were passionate about putting the interests of girls’ and young women at the top of the agenda. 

In the TUNZA declaration, there are relevant key points for all of us:  

One aim introduces ESD (Education on Sustainable Development) in Formal Education curricula and through Non-Formal Education methods with a long term perspective. 

Another remarkable point is that we ask UNEP to improve young people’s role in decision making structures that are not tokenistic, as well as the point which aims UNEP to create mechanisms that recognise and enable inter-generational education on sustainability.

The Tunza conference is now over for this year, but this is just the starting point of a larger process.  In the short term, the key points raised will be announced to the government representatives during the Governing Council.  In the long term, we will continue to promote youth participation on important issues related to the future we really want, through the Post 2015 agenda discussions.


If you want to know more about TUNZA you can download the TUNZA youth magazines and another great source of fresh information is the GEO for YOUTH magazine.

You can also spread your ideas using #TUNZA, #GEOforYouth, and share the amazing work you are doing for a sustainable future through the #OneOne campaign vía twitter, where young people around the world are pledging to make one positive change in one unit of time (i.e. one minute, one hour, one day, once year, one lifetime!).  What will your OneOne change be?

Keep an eye on our website for more information as Mirna is now attending the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum and will be writing more updates for us over the next few days.