International Volunteer Day

Today we celebrate International Volunteer Day.

Everyday across our global movement our dedicated and committed volunteers work tirelessly and selflessly to deliver our vision of a world where all girls are valued and can take action.

From planning and delivering unit meetings, to organising events, to mentoring young women and other leaders, to training, to developing programmes, to serving on a committee; over one million volunteers contribute their passion, skill and experience so that girls and young women all over the world can benefit from the life changing opportunities that girl guiding and girl scouting provides.

Everyday our volunteers enable girls and young women to develop crucial life skills, to grow in confidence, to develop as leaders, to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and to stand up for and speak out about the issues in which they believe.

Over the course of the last month I have been privileged to attend two global events; our Growth Roundtable in London and our Girl Experience forum in Oman. These events always serve as a powerful reminder of the unique nature of volunteering in a global movement. Volunteers of different ages, nationalities, cultures and beliefs coming together united in a common goal, made stronger by working together.

Throughout our global movement, the personal stories behind each of our individual volunteers are inspiring, energising and humbling. Incredible women and men each making a personal contribution inspired by an ambition to make a difference.

And so on this International Volunteer Day, we take the opportunity to celebrate these inspiring volunteers and the significant impact they make every single day. Simply put, our volunteers make the world a better place.

To each and every volunteer, a huge thank you.

Nicola Grinstead
Chair, World Board, WAGGGS

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