Anne Scott Fund helped me achieve my dream - Alina Guyon

Traveling to Sangam World Centre, was a dream come true. From my earliest memory, India has held a fascination for me. It is a complexly beautiful and breath-taking place and I fell in love the minute we walked off the plane.

Girl Scout Alina Guyon visitng Sangam World Centre with Ann Scott Fund - Arts 4 Change programmeMy name is Alina Guyon, I live in Seattle, in the northwestern part of the United States. I am 14 years old and a freshman in high school.  In the last seven years of being an active Girl Scout, I’ve made many lifelong friends, had amazing opportunities, and when I learnt that there is a World Centre in India called Sangam, I was ready to go!  In fact, I was so motivated to travel, that in 2015 I sold over 3 000 boxes of cookies. I’m also thankful for the Anne Scott Fund which provided financial support for part of my airfare, and together, this paid for 100% of my trip.

During my stay, there were nearly 40 girls from 14 different countries participating in the Arts 4 Change programme. I loved that we were all working toward the same goals and had the same ideals and values. I made so many new friends!

Arts 4 Change is a programme which gives girls the opportunity to go out into the community of Pune and work with people in need. As part of the visual arts group, we planned two art projects for children going to Door Steps School which tutors public students who cannot afford other schooling. Public schools in India are very different to public schools in America - classes only last half of the day and they barely teach their students to read and write. Families that can afford, it usually send their children to a tutor after school, and working on projects with the kids during my trip showed me just how fortunate I am.    

Travelling to Sangam to participate in Arts 4 Change gave me a new perspective and I gained experience that I couldn’t have found anywhere else. Thank you to the Anne Scott Fund for helping to make my dream of traveling to India a reality!

Girl Scout Alina Guyon visitng Sangam World Centre with Ann Scott Fund

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