FK Norway

FK Norway is a Norwegian Government Agency that gives young people in Norway and developing countries the opportunity to experience each other’s reality.

FK Norway is a Norwegian Government Agency that gives young people in Norway and developing countries the  opportunity to experience each other’s reality. It is convinced that that the world becomes a little more just when people get to know each other better and create values together.

FK Norway girls Since 1963 almost 8000 young people have taken part in exchanges between more than 400 organizations and institutions in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America with FK Norway’s support. Through working with each other the organizations’ young people share knowledge and experiences.

Since January 2015, WAGGGS has partnered with FK Norway to provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to 46 young women from Girl Guides Associations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda to participate in the YESS Girls Movement Exchange Program. As part of the program, young women aged 18-25 travel and work in a WAGGGS Member Organization in another country away from their own for 6 months. The program has through these young women also reached out to more than 200,000 people.

Now a flagship program that has become a favorite for young women in Africa and dubbed the ‘journey of a lifetime’, the YESS girls Movement has amplified voices of Young Women in WAGGGS’ African Member Organizations through the ‘Yes! Girls Can Campaign’ launched and implemented in 8 African Countries. During the campaign, the public has been called to action on issues that affect girls and women.

The YESS Girls’ Movement has also provided opportunities for more young women to become Girl Guides and responsible citizens of the world. Since 2015, about 8,000 new girls and young women have joined Girl Guiding as a result of the program.The YESS Program has also given the participating young women an opportunity for self-development, and some have decided to pursue this as a career.

In partnership with FK Norway, WAGGGS plans to give an opportunity to at least 100 young women to participate in the exchange program by 2017 in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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