The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Corporation (NOREC) supports exchanges between businesses and organisations in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Through innovative collaboration, NOREC’s partners share knowledge, learn from each other and build stronger bonds of cooperation. NOREC is exclusively financed by the Norwegian National Budget, forms part of the Norway’s development policy and is directly under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 2001 more than 1,231 projects and 9,654 participants have been on exchange through NOREC.

WAGGGS Partnership with NOREC through the YESS Girls Movement


The YESS Girls Movement is collaboration between WAGGGS and NOREC. The programme, dubbed as ‘a journey of a life time’ is an International exchange programme where young women (18-25) are facilitated to travel to another country (away from their homes) and are given a platform for six months to advocate for and take action on global issues that affect girls including gender equality, climate change and sustainable community development. During the six months in their host countries the young women (also called YESS Participants) undertake the following six core initiatives:-

  • Welcome to my world
    Through this initiative the YESS Participants reach out to girls in unreached, under reached and hard to reach rural areas; and recruit them as girl guides. Since 2015, over 80,000 new girls and young women have joined Girl Guiding as a result of the program. This number will increase to an estimated 150,000 new girl guides by the end of 2020.
  • The 'Yes! Girls can' campaign
    This is an annual campaign where the participants mobilise other young people in their host countries to shout out and call out for action on issues that affect girls. Through this campaign the world is reminded that girls can be useful citizens of the world if they are given space to do so.
  • The green-tech generation campaign
    This is a campaign that challenges young women to take responsibility over the environment.
  • The Good Turn Community project
    In honour of the Guide Promise, the participants undertake at least one sustainable community support project in their host country every year.
  • Friends of Guiding
    Engagement of prominent men and women as Friends of guiding so that they can support; speak out and take action on, issues that affect girls. To date, over 200 men have made a commitment to be friends of guiding. They include a vice president, a city mayor, journalists and others; and have made a commitment to speak out and support girl guiding.
  • The Red Pride Menstrual Hygiene education
    In this initiative, the YESS participants train, empower and engage young women on issues of menstruation and menstrual hygiene to ensure that their periods don’t limit them from reaching their full potential.

WAGGGS Partnership with NOREC started in 2014, with the first exchange taking off in January 2015. Since then 161 young women from 14 Member Organisations (MOs) of WAGGGS from Africa and Asia Pacific have participated in the YESS Girls Movement as participants. By 2020 over 200 young women will have participated in the programme. The program has through these young women to date reached out to more than a million people.

WAGGGS Member Organisations that have so far participated in the programme include: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Burundi, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Senegal Girl Guiding Associations.

Now a flagship program that has become a favourite for young women in Africa and Asia Pacific, the YESS Girls Movement has amplified voices of Young Women in WAGGGS’ Member Organisations.

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