How your donations are changing girls' lives

How your donations are changing girls' lives

Donations to the World Thinking Day Fund help make sure girls worldwide can make change, speak out and reach their potential. Here are just some of the ways your donations have made a difference recently

You’ve helped us to grow and reach out to new countries

“Wow! New learning - new friendships - new commitments! It is so good to connect with many other young women who share a passion for bettering the lives of young Ethiopian girls. We are committed to continue this in a spirit of ‘if it isn’t fun, it isn’t guiding’.”
Loza Tsegaya 

The World Thinking Day Fund allows us to reach more girls and young women around the world. We believe that every girl should have the opportunity to grow, develop and reach her potential. The generous donations we’ve received over the last few years helped to fund our Rapid Response project – which took Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to new countries including Ethiopia. 

Free Being Me Ethiopia WAGGGS

You’ve helped us campaign and make sure girls’ voices are heard

“Girls have all the tools that they need already – but to make change happen, they need support and they need to be heard…. Girls have something very important to say. They can solve every problem – I really believe that they have that power within them– so we all need to listen.”
Chhavi Goyal 

In 2016 the World Thinking Day fund helped us put girls’ voices at the heart of our work. To mark 16 Days of Activism (from 25 November-10 December 2016), WAGGGS launched its own campaign, #16Ways in #16Days. The campaign highlighted 16 actions young people can take to stop the violence. Stories from Membership Organisations around the world, focusing on Stop the Violence and the Voices Against Violence Curriculum, were shared across the website and social media. 

2015_India_Stop the Violence March WAGGGS

You’ve inspired young women to lead and make change

    “For me to be an Agent of Change, I must begin with myself, and then bring others into the process, overcoming any barriers together to ensure a lasting change is affected. When I return home, I will begin immediately to work with my Member Organization, community and region.” 
    Juliette Lowe Participant 

    Donations to the World Thinking Day Fund help fund our leadership development programmes. In 2016, 65 young women from 50 countries made their way to the Kusafiri World Centre in Ghana for the Juliette Low Seminar. With a theme of “Transforming Our World”, participants explored themes such as personal development, leadership, change and transformation in the community. By training and inspiring these young women, they can grow and develop the tools and skills they need to make meaningful change in their communities and their countries. 

    Patrol Action WAGGGS

    Today by supporting WAGGGS, you could help make sure a young girl has her voice heard and build a safer, more equal world for girls and young women across the world. Find out more about the World Thinking Day Fund and how you can support us to grow in 2017 and beyond. 

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