Surf Smart reaches its first 5,000 participants in India

Surf Smart reaches its first 5,000 participants in India

Following a launch event in July 2015, the Bharat Scouts and Guides have reached their first 5,000 participants in India

The project will train more than 40,000 Guides and 40,000 Scouts in India, along with 20,000 Guides and Scouts in Latin America and the Caribbean, on how to be safe online.  

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Internet safety and cybercrime are increasingly prominent issues in India, Latin America and the Caribbean. With a fast growing online community and limited access to information on how to protect themselves online, these regions are particularly vulnerable to online dangers including identity theft, online scams and fraud.

Surf Smart aims to address this through teaching young people, who we know can be powerful agents of change in their families and communities, how to be safe online and to be aware of online threats.

In India, the programme launched with a three-day workshop in New Delhi welcoming leaders and volunteers from all regions. This will now be followed with five regional events each bringing together between 50-100 leaders, who will cascade the programme to local leaders and members.

Workshop participants learn to remain safe online through the non-formal educational activities and discussions with experts. One leader commented that “after going through the curriculum we realize we can talk about web safety to children and youth without using too much technical language, [and] the activities and tools make it fun-based learning.”

The Surf Smart curriculum has been translated into five Indian regional languages so far, along with Portuguese, Spanish and French, in order to ensure the resource is easily accessible. 

“Considering the massive numbers of internet users in India and around the world, the Surf Smart project comes across as a need-of-the-hour project that focuses on web safety and encourages people to connect online safely. We are grateful to WAGGGS and Symantec for this exceptional opportunity for our Girl Guides and Scouts” said Mr. B.I. Nagarale, the Chief National Commissioner of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

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