Get Involved

Climate change affects all of us. So no matter where you are, there are lots of ways you can get involved and take action:

1. Learn about climate change 

Use our Climate Change: Take Action Now Toolkit. Choose some of the activities from Part 1 of the curriculum to help girls understand climate change and how it is impacting their communities. 

2. Send us your message on why climate change is important to you

In the weeks leading up to COP21, we will be collecting girls’ perspectives on climate change and how it’s affecting them. We’re asking girls around the world to submit a photo or short video saying ‘I’m asking world leaders to take action on climate change because _________.’ 

For more information and to submit your photo or video, visit We will take these messages with us to be displayed and shared with thousands at COP21 in Paris. So speak out and make your voice heard!

3. Join the worldwide mobilization on November 29

To create pressure and momentum ahead of COP21, climate activists will be organizing major demonstrations around the world. From London to Johannesburg, from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, people in cities across the globe will be organizing. Find an event near you and help make it clear to world leaders that young people around the world want to see real action in Paris!   

4. Start or join a campaign to pressure your city, your state, or your nation to move toward renewable energy

We need to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and if we are to reach this goal, we need to start now! Our Climate Change: Take Action Now Toolkit and our Advocacy Toolkit contain tips and suggestions for how to mount an effective campaign. 

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