Ale: Insights into the Conference of Youth (COY)

Ale: Insights into the Conference of Youth (COY)

Ale Salas

Alejandra Salas

We had 3 very busy few days attending the COY11 or the Conference on Youth. This year COY was huge and over 5000 young people were accredited to participate. Also there were COYs organised in other cities around the world at the same time. This can only mean one thing, right? Young people are interested in climate change and want to take action now!

So, on the first day we arrived to Parc des Expositions where COY was being held. It is a huge place and the organisers (huge applause to them because of all the work and effort) put up some walls to make conference rooms and working rooms. We had so many options on what to do as many cool people were running workshops, there were some famous people giving speeches and so on. It was also good for us to work with the other youth that are going to COP21 as well and create a strategy on how we are going to work together when the conference starts.

WAGGGS, works along with other youth organisations in something that is called YOUNGO. YOUNGO is a group of organisations that work together but is not an organisations itself. I know it sounds a bit confusing; it is for us as well. The valuable thing is that we are not alone, we are in a network where we support each other.

As we care so much about education, on the first day we came up with a good idea of making banners saying “Education is the key”. Claire made a drawing of a key, and it was perfect. Both the message and the drawing were so perfect that people ended up asking us to lend them our banners so they could take pictures of them as well!! Including the secretariat! Of course we saw our chance and got into the picture as well J

We also created puzzle pieces saying “Climate Change Education is” and then another blank piece so people could add what climate change education is for them. We posted the photograph on Twitter and are still receiving responses. We encourage you to participate as well, send in your answer and we will RT.

COY11 was really great, but we can’t wait for COP to start so we can spread our message across and help get the agreement we all so desperately want! Stay tuned for more updates!

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