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Following the work of the Growth Round Table, the Community Hub for Growth was developed. Here Member Organizations can strengthen relationships across the WAGGGS regions, share ideas and support each other on our journey to build the global Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement and support girls everywhere to be the best they can be!

On the Community Hub for Growth you can share and explore strategies, resources, training and updates from Member Organizations and experts around the world on growth, management styles, fundraising strategies, partnerships and more.

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The Community Hub for Growth invites high-level decision makers, who are able to influence and affect positive change for growth at global, regional and national level, to sign-up. 

The Community Hub for Growth space is hosted by GLOW (WAGGGS’ e-learning platform). Here you will find information about the platform and forums and be able to connect with other members and experts from around the world.

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The next webinar will be a repeat of the diversity training by Sarah Boddey and Melanie Ford on 16th March at 12pm (GMT). For an update on how the first session went see below: 

On Wednesday 24th February at 12pm (GMT) the Community Hub for Growth held its second webinar on the theme of diversity. Facilitated by Sarah Boddey (Growth Round Table) and Melanie Ford (GUK), the webinar featured Sarah’s 7 Step Process towards diversifying the Movement and included a best-practice scenario from Melanie on how local Guide Leaders had succeeded in bringing Guiding to one of the UK’s most marginalized and hardest to reach groups of girls from the Traveller Community. MOs from Denmark to Sierra Leone joined to exchange strategies to make Guiding accessible to all girls in a truly participatory skill-sharing session of questions and answers.

Sign up to the Community Hub for Growth now to watch the webinar recording or download the presentation to learn more about the simple 7-step process to help you address diversity in your MO:

 Existing diversity amongst your girls and volunteers

  1. The inherent link between girl and volunteer diversity
  2. Minority group under-representation
  3. Target group choice
  4. The power of partnerships
  5. The importance of monitoring
  6. Post ‘recruitment’ inclusivity to drive further diversity

Join the Diversity Forum on the Community Hub for Growth to continue the discussion of how to make Guiding accessible to all girls now. 

Click on the link below to view the presentation and sign up to GLOW to see the webinar video recording:

Diversity Webinar: Making Guiding Accessible

The first session , Follow a guided tour of the Community Hub for Growth by Jenny Berrisford (E-Learning Resource Developer) and Alison Wilcox (GSUSA) took place on Friday 8th and Tuesday 26th January. You can still follow the tour by logging into the Community Hub for Growth platform on GLOW or by finding out more about the purpose of the Community Hub for Growth and how it can benefit your MO. 

The Follow a Guided Tour of the Community Hub for Growth training webinar will be uploaded to the Community Hub for Growth,with Spanish and French translations soon. 

If you require any technical support please contact elearning@wagggs.org

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